Threshold Inc.

...supporting projects that save
our beautiful planet


"May you walk in balance and beauty with each other, Great Spirit and the Earth"

~ John P. Milton

Baja Coast, California, USA

Articles of Incorporation

Threshold, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes in order to:

1. Encourage and promote in the United States and elsewhere in the world the development of, knowledge of, and understanding of environmental systems and management based upon ecological, sociological, cultural and economic principals.

2. Distribute and to sponsor, produce, print and publish newsletters, monographs, books, tracts, pamphlets, recordings, lectures, art, films and other communication media of any kind related to the promotion and understanding of environmental systems and management and to own or operate wholesale or retail outlets for such publications or media.

3. Engage in research, both basic and applied, aimed at developing environmental systems and management and the technological capability to implement such systems and management.

4. Develop case histories, area studies and pilot projects of environmental management.

5. Create, promote, support and participate in local environmental seminars, centers, or groups for the purpose of bringing about better management of local environmental systems and creating awareness of the necessity for and feasibility of such management and to foster cooperation between such centers and groups.

6. Do any other act or thing as fully as natural persons might or would do which are necessary, suitable or proper in furtherance of the promotion of sound environmental management based upon balanced ecological, sociological, cultural and economic principles.

7. Establish in the main office or elsewhere all departments and activities necessary to carry out the purposes of the corporation.

8. Cooperate, collaborate or assist any individuals, associations, corporations, groups, and governmental or international agencies in carrying out any of the foregoing objectives and purposes.

9. Accept, receive and maintain contributions, gifts, grants, devises, bequests, endowments, and other funds, both general and special, and to purchase or otherwise acquire any property, real or personal, and to administer the same and apply the principal and income thereof, or either the principal or income for the purposes set forth herein.

Threshold, Inc.
Post Office Box 152
Moab, Utah 84532
Tel: (435) 259-0816